Jeff Walters, Leadership Advisor

Quick Summary:

30+ Years of Successful Business Experience in: Sales, Marketing, Leadership, Coaching, Mentoring, Training

26+ Years of Successful Business Ownership Experience

Nearly 10 Years of Direct Business and Leadership Coaching Experience with a Growth and Mindset focus

“As a Coach, you “see” the world with X-ray eyes. It is natural for you to look beyond the immediate (people, places and circumstances) to draw out potential. You find your significance by watching others achieve their goals."~written about Jeff in 2007

My calling and gifting is in helping others experience their full potential- in life and business. I believe that the true path to building a great business lies in the full realization of potential in the Leader. I rely on The 5 Spheres Framework to guide that process.

I had an instinct early on for coaching others- ask me about it and I'll share the story if you haven't already heard it in one of my talks.

Back in 1992, shortly after University graduation, I found myself in a role that ignited this fire while doing some consulting for a small independent retailer. Over the years I've worked in various leadership roles; always gravitating to opportunities that enable me to tap into the core "why" of others; propelling them onwards toward the achievement of their goals.

Seeking to share my gifts, I founded Infinite Coaching Solutions in 2015 as a way to help others grow and achieve beyond their known capabilities.

In 2022, we executed a re-brand to our new name:

Infinite Business Solutions...Transformational Coaching for Your Business and Life!

Infinite Business Solutions is the truest expression of my authentic self; from an entrepreneurial spirit that ignited in childhood, the mind of a dreamer who believes that anything is possible, my observing of the incredible potential in others, and a calling on my heart to serve. Offering my genuine self has been what's drawn others to me.

Business ownership, leadership, management, sales, marketing roles- in a diversity of experiences, along with my own inner transformation is what enables me to offer an extremely unique perspective while drawing out the best in others.

I've failed, I've succeeded and I've grown- as a person, as a business owner. You'll get my truth, my insight and my combined experience with authenticity every time we talk.

Some Real Client Results:

  • Client in the Accounting Industry whose business tripled in sales over the span of 2.5 years.

  • Client in the Industrial sector who experienced 30% sales & 10% net profit growth in the first year of working together.

  • Client in Health Care who experienced nearly 40% sales growth, 20% profit growth all while the leader/owner worked 33% LESS than before. (this is an example of building a BUSINESS AND A LIFE).

  • Client in the Interior Design business who went from 0 sales to profitable and continuous growth in the first year.

  • Mid-sized non-profit organization where we focused on Leadership Development and realized marked employee job satisfaction, increased productivity, resulting in 15% improved bottom line results.

  • Board level leadership development where we re-defined and re-imagined their vision and strategic plan resulting in tangible growth and greater overall satisfaction.

  • We help business owners achieve business goals while maintaining a family life!

"From Startups to Scaleups, If it's Leadership Development, Sales/Marketing, Operations or Executive Coaching, the answer is: Infinite Business Solutions"

We Develop Business Leaders.

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