Jeff Walters, Speaker

A Well Respected Speaker, Jeff Walters offers a variety of Educational Talks, Workshops, Seminars and Presentations

We encourage audience participation to ensure engergized, educational learning.

With 30+ years as a Business Leader, Community Leader and Business Owner, Jeff's talks flow with real life stories of successes and challenges with authenticity and vulnerability. Jeff captivates audiences with his honest, approachable style that leads to thoughtful conversation and self-reflection, fueled by audience questions and lively discussion.

If you have any questions, or don't see a topic that you might be interested in, please contact us immediately. Further, any of the topics listed below can be expanded into half and full day workshops.

Contact us soon to book your date as Jeff has become a sought after speaker and some time may be needed to arrange his schedule.

2024- Suggested Speaking Topics:

Answering the Questions About Coaching-Addressing the Assumptions
Suggested Length: 60-75 Minutes- Have you asked yourself any of the following questions: What does a business coach do? How can a business coach help your business? Do I need one for my business? How do results get measured? Will a coach really make any kind of difference? Is working with a coach hard work? Will I get any value?

We’ll examine the questions to ask a potential coach. We’ll also address some additional questions to ask yourself (around coachability and your readiness for a coach), what a coaching program, the process and a session looks like. If you have asked yourself one or more of these questions, then this talk is for your organization or team. It can be structured to be part of a Continuing Education/Learning Session for Associations as well.

Who Is This For?:

Any Leader or Business Owner who is looking to start up, scale up or is in the process of change within their organization or business.

Transformation- It's an Inside Job
Suggested Length: 45-60 Minutes- As the famous Zig Ziglar said: "People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing – that's why we recommend it daily." Motivation, or inspiration, are words that get tossed around plenty. Have you ever attended a conference or seminar? You leave full of motivation, fresh ideas and plans- only to fall back into your old habits within a few days, all of those ideas forgotten? Yes, us too!

Transformation comes from within. It's an inside, out process and when taken seriously moves one from needing to be motivated- daily, weekly or even monthly- although we do still recommend bathing regularly.

Who Should Attend:
Business Leaders, Team Leaders, Sole Proprietors, Small and Medium Sized Business Owners, Spiritual Leaders, People wanting to tap into their true potential.

Streamlining Your Sales Process- Close More Business, More Efficiently

Suggested Length: 60-90 Minutes- Sales is a contact sport, whether we like it or not. Are you filling your pipeline with quality leads and then nurturing those relationships to fruition at a steady rate? Could your team's sales performance improve? What's holding you back, or do you even know? Is your process sound?

In this talk we'll explore the process of moving a lead through the various stages while building a relationship that is designed for the long term, and with referrals as the ultimate objective.

Who Is This For?:
Those who are responsible for the sales side of an organization- including salespeople, supervisors, managers or senior leadership.

Highest and Best Use of Time- Social Media, Relationships and More

Suggested Length: 45-60 Minutes- Get the most out of your precious time. We only get 24 hours of it each day. Make the most of it. You will likely be surprised about what you learn, given the massive shift towards the use of Social Media in today's business world.

In this talk, Jeff will get counterintuitive (at least from a current perspective) and show you how, and why, getting away from your screen will produce real relationships setting you up for results that create long lasting success.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, Leaders and Managers who want a refresher on the value of relationships in business.

*Spiritually Oriented- Where is God in Your Organization?

Suggested Length: 60 Minutes- As a Christian business owner, God occupies one of the "C-suites" in your company, riiiiggght? Doesn't He? If not, why not? In this talk we examine how, as business owners God is kept tucked away from sight instead of having a major role in the organization. We'll touch on transformation, working from the inside, out; and what your organization can look like if God is really in the correct role.

Who Should Attend:

Business Owners, Christians, Christian Business Owners, Spiritual Leaders and Church Leaders.

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